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     Vacancy Announcement



The Government of Mongolia is implementing the Loan 3594-MON: Sustaining Access to Quality of Education during Economic Difficulties Project financed by Asian Development Bank (ADB). The project objectives are to minimize the negative effects during the difficult economic difficulties by (i) narrowing the gap in the enrolment capacity of schools and kindergartens in Ulaanbaatar and some aimag centers, (ii) supporting the completion of unfinished curriculum reform and associated assessment system reforms, (iii) ensuring the provision of teaching and learning materials (TLM) that accompany the new updated curriculum, (iv) upgrading the skills and knowledge of teachers and managers for the updated curriculum and assessments, and (v) strengthening systems for planning and managing education services. The project executing agency (EA) is the Ministry of Education and Science (MES), and the implementing agencies (IAs) are the MES and Ulaanbaatar Metropolitan Education Department.

The MES invites the qualified candidates to apply for the following position at the Project Implementation Unit: 

Objective: The EA intends to recruit a qualified Procurement Specialist (12 person months, with possible extension) on full time basis. Under the supervision of the project coordinator, the specialist will ensure effective implementation of the project procurement plan and work closely with the EA, IA, ADB and other PIU staff.

Specific duties and responsibilities:

  1. Plan and manage procurement activities including the establishment of bid evaluation committees (BECs), preparation of bid documents, coordinate the preparation of technical specifications and cost estimates with the EAs and IAs and technical experts for inclusion in the bidding documents, invitation for bids, bidders’ inquiries, bid evaluation, preparation of bid evaluation minutes and reports for submission for ADB’s review in accordance with the project procurement plan and ADB’s guidelines and procedures;
  2. Sit in the BECs and Consultant selection (CSCs) as the secretary and support and provide advice to the BECs and CSCs on ADB’s Procurement Guidelines (2015), Guidelines on the Use of Consultants (2018), and Bid Evaluation Guide (2018) as required;
  3. Carry out market surveys in relation to procurement of works, goods and consulting services as required;
  4. Based on the project documents, and in collaboration with the Executing Agency (EA), develop, revise and maintain an up-to-date status of the procurement plan; and submit revisions ADB for review and approval on a regular basis and as requested by ADB;
  5. Prepare consultant recruitment documents such as consultant selection recruitment notices (CRSNs), request for proposals (RFP), expressions of interest (EOI) evaluation minutes and reports, technical proposal evaluation minutes and reports, contracts, and other submission documents for ADB’s review;
  6. Together with the Environment Specialist, ensure that all contracts with civil works contractors incorporate the relevant provisions from the environment management plan (EMP);
  7. Be responsible for the input of required data into ADB review mission and portfolio reports
  8. Establish and maintain procurement filing system with all other relevant documents regularly in a systematic manner for ADB and government auditing;
  9. Ensure key dates and plans of each procurement or recruitment process and signed contracts are strictly followed in coordination with the project director and project coordinator;
  10. Facilitate the appropriate distribution of goods procured, the installation and use of equipment and other goods procured, and the maintenance of an inventory of such equipment;
  11. Ensure that procurement of work, goods and consulting services is well-coordinated with other project planning, budgeting and other financial reporting information;
  12. Provide information to the Project Steering Committee, MOF, EA and ADB as required;
  13. Regularly monitor progress on procurement and prepare reports for the EA and ADB;
  14. Report progress of the procurement program on a monthly basis to the ADB, PIU project coordinator and prepare the procurement part of PIU’s quarterly and annual procurement reports;
  15. Ensure that all equipment and other goods and services procured under the project meet the conditions of contracts before payment is made;
  16. Together with the other PIU staff and in coordination with the EAs and IAs and other relevant stakeholders, arrange inspections of goods, works and services being procured, as well as inspections of their delivery, storage, and distribution to the final destination to ensure timely availability and proper reception, installation, testing, and user training; ensure that the quality of the procured goods are verified against the specifications before signing acceptance documents for the goods; and
  17. Together with the Financial Management Specialist/Accountant, ensure that all the procured goods are properly labeled.

Key qualification:

  • Bachelor’s degree in civil engineering, law, economics, business administration or other relevant field;
  • High professional and personal integrity;
  • Oral and written English proficiency;
  • Strong communication and interpersonal skills, and computer skills.


Application Procedure:

All interested candidates are required to submit a cover letter (maximum two pages) supported with the detailed CV, copy of diplomas or certificates, and a reference letter from at least the last employer. The application deadline is 12:00 (GMT+8) on 26 January 2024. Only successful candidates will be contacted and interviewed. Please submit the applications in person or via email to the address below:

Name: Battuya J., Procurement Specialist, L3594-MON: Sustaining Access to and Quality of Education During Economic Difficulties Project

Address: Room 802, City Center, 8th floor, Baga toiruu-44, Sukhbaatar district, Ulaanbaatar city, Mongolia

Tel: +976 7766-0888; Email: