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The Government of Mongolia is implementing the Loan 3594-MON: Sustaining Access to Quality of Education during Economic Difficulties Project financed by Asian Development Bank (ADB). The project objectives are to minimize the negative effects during the difficult economic period by (i) narrowing the gap in the enrolment capacity of schools and kindergartens in Ulaanbaatar and some aimag centers, (ii) supporting the completion of unfinished curriculum reform and associated assessment system reforms, (iii) ensuring the provision of teaching and learning materials (TLM) that accompany the new curriculum, (iv) upgrading the skills and knowledge of teachers and managers for the new curriculum and assessments, and (v) strengthening systems for planning and managing education services. The project executing agency (EA) is the Ministry of Education and Science (MES), and the implementing agencies (IAs) are the MES and Ulaanbaatar Metropolitan Education Department.

The EA invites the qualified candidates to apply for the following positions at the Project Implementation Unit: 

  1. Project Assistant

            The EA intends to recruit a qualified Project Assistant (8 person months, with possible extension) a full-time staff in the project implementation unit (PIU) stationed in Ulaanbaatar city. The Project Assistant will fulfill its duties according to the government and ADB regulations, procedures and requirements. S/he will support the Government of Mongolia and the PIU in implementing the project successfully.


Roles and Responsibilities:

  1. Assist the PIU staff and maintain PIU’s day to day activities;
  2. Assist and support consultants recruited under the project with administrative support;
  3. Carry out basic office tasks to ensure smooth project implementation, such as coordinating and scheduling meetings, providing interpretation/translation services for meetings, arranging travels, printing and photocopying, organizing and filing documents and records, preparing meeting minutes and memos, handling routine correspondences and e-mails, editing reports and documents, etc.;
  4. Manage petty cash for PIU operations and monitor costs of the project vehicle (petrol, driver, etc.);
  5. Be responsible for handling finance settlements and bookkeeping;
  6. Purchase and distribute office supplies to the PIU staff and monitor proper maintenance of office furniture and equipment; 
  7. Assist the Procurement Specialist in advertising invitations for bids and consulting service requirements in newspapers, government and other professional websites, and ADB system, and preparing small service contracts;
  8. Assist to organize workshops, seminars and training including preparing documents and materials, arranging venues, facilitating communication and coordination;
  9. Assist to prepare project’s reports and required documents, translate, and facilitate to have approval and signatures from MES, Ministry of Finance and other other relevant government agencies; and
  10. Undertake other tasks assigned by the Project Coordinator and PIU staff.


Qualification Requirements:

  • Bachelor degree in public administration, finance or other relevant discipline;
  • At least 3 years of working experience in projects and business operations or similar positions;
  • Have a good command of written and oral English and Mongolian languages; and proficiency with Microsoft Office (MS Word, MS Excel, MS Power Point) and internet searching skills are required.


  1. Cost Estimator

            The EA intends to recruit a qualified Cost Estimator (8 person months) a full-time staff in the project implementation unit (PIU) stationed in Ulaanbaatar city. The Cost Estimator will fulfill its duties according to the government and ADB regulations, procedures and requirements. S/he will support the Government of Mongolia and the PIU in implementing the project successfully.

Roles and Responsibilities:

  1. Together with the Civil Engineer, review building and engineering designs, drawings, specifications, and cost estimates for school and kindergarten construction and expansion, and refurbishment of laboratories; prepare technical specifications and detailed cost estimates of school and kindergarten furniture and equipment; and provide inputs to preparation of bidding documents for procurement of civil works, furniture and equipment;
  2. Support the Procurement Specialist and bid evaluation committees to review and evaluate qualifications of bidders and bids;
  3. Together with the Civil Engineer, personally monitor the progress of the construction work by conducting visits to the civil works sites;
  4. Review the civil work physical progress against plans, cost estimates, and reports; closely monitor actual costs; review invoices and quantities of executed works and endorse payment requests;
  5. Together with the Civil Engineer, identify additional items and estimate the costs; assist the Civil Engineer and Procurement Specialist in preparing and processing variations to civil works, furniture and equipment supply contracts;
  6. Review construction supervision plans, cost estimates, and supervision reports of the Construction Supervision Engineers (consultant), and provide timely guidance for conducting supervision, identifying and reporting problems encountered during civil works, especially related to costs;
  7. Assist the Project Coordinator in preparing annual action plans and budgets for the Project concerning activities related to civil works;;
  8. Support the M&E Specialist in monitoring project activities related to civil works, and prepare relevant sections of quarterly and annual progress reports; and
  9. Support and work together with the Finance Specialist in managing all the civil works related financial transactions and disbursements, and ensuring timely processing of payments, and maintaining complete records.

Qualification Requirements:

  • The specialist should have a bachelor degree in civil engineering or related engineering fields or other relevant disciplines, cost estimator’s license and stamp;
  • Minimum 3 years of experience in working as cost estimator; experience with estimating costs of school and kindergarten construction and expansion, universal designs (e.g., disabled access), energy efficient and disaster resilient measures;
  • Background of accounting; proficiency with cost estimate software/programs;
  • Written and oral translation skills in both Mongolian and English;
  • Proficiency with Microsoft Office (MS Word, MS Excel and MS Power Point) and web skills are required; and
  • Knowledge of relevant Mongolian laws and regulations, government decrees, ADB rules and guidelines.

Application Procedure:

All interested candidates are encouraged to submit a cover letter (maximum two pages) supported with the detailed CV, copy of diplomas or certificates and a reference letter from at least the last employer. The application deadline is 11:00 (GMT+8) on 20 September 2021. Only successful candidates shall be contacted and interviewed. Please submit the applications in person or via email to the below address:

Name: Battuya J., Procurement Specialist, Sustaining Access to and Quality of Education During Economic Difficulties Project

 Address: Room 802, City Center, 8th floor, Baga toiruu-44, Sukhbaatar district, Ulaanbaatar city, Mongolia

Tel: +976 7766-0888; Email: