Notification of Contract Award

Date13 January 2021
Loan No. and Title:L3594-MON: Sustaining Access to and Quality of Education During Economic Difficulties Project
Contract No. and Title:EP-07: Engineering Firm to Develop Design Drawings, Specifications, and BOQs – ITPD Model Science Lab
Bid Validity:16 February 2021

The Ministry of Education and Science (“The Employer”) invited sealed Request for Proposals from the shortlisted candidates for the completion of the above-mentioned Contract. National assignment was conducted in accordance with ADB’s Least Cost Selection procedure using a Simplified Technical Proposal (STP) and were open to all Consultant firms from eligible countries as described in the Request for Proposals.

As detailed below table, the Employer awarded the Contract to the Consultant firm whose proposals has been determined to be substantially responsive to the Request for Proposals and are further determined to be eligible and qualified to perform the Contract satisfactorily. Summary of evaluation results of all firms are shown in Table 1 and winning Consulting firm’s information is stated in Table 2.

Table 1. Evaluation results

Consultants’ namesNCCS LLCTGT LLCArchetype LLC
Status:Awarded ConsultantEvaluated ConsultantEvaluated Consultant
Reason for Rejection/AcceptanceThe firm is substantially responsive to the Request for Proposal and is evaluated as the 2nd ranked and was the next lowest proposal.The firm is substantially responsive to the Request for Proposal and is evaluated as the 1st ranked and the lowest proposal to undertake the Contract.The firm did not submit A Power of Attorney to sign the proposal as required in the ITC 10.2 of Data Sheet, Section of the Request for Proposals, therefore, was not evaluated further in details.
Technical Score841916
Price as read outMNT36,508,200MNT23,325,930 
Final Evaluation PriceMNT36,508,200MNT23,325,930 
Final Negotiated PriceMNT 25,658,523

Table 2. Information of the Winning Consultant

No.Name of the Selected ConsultantContract PriceContract DurationSummary Scope of the Contract Awarded
1.TGT LLCMNT 25,658,5234 monthsDevelop detailed design drawings, specifications, and BOQs of ITPD Model Science Lab including detailed technical specifications of construction materials, products and equipment, detailed and accurate bill of quantities (BOQs), detailed list of materials and cost estimation; Construction supervision as a design consultant.  
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