Project Administration Specialist

The Government of Mongolia (the Client) through its Ministry of Education and Science, has received financing from the Asian Development Bank towards the Support for Inclusive Education Project.

The objective of the project is to improve access to and quality of mainstream education for CWD in Mongolia by improving accessibility features in selected mainstream schools and kindergartens; building capacity to deliver inclusive education; and strengthening inclusive education support resources, community engagement, and policy.

The project administration specialist will have at least 3 years of administrative experience international development projects. The administrative specialist is highly communicative, able to work in Microsoft Office programs, and fluent in English. Experience in translation would be an advantage. The responsibilities of the administrative specialist under the direction of the project coordinator include:

  1. provide administrative and clerical support to the PIU and project-selected consultants;
  2. carry out the basic office work required for the normal operation of the office, such as arranging meetings, making oral and written translations during the meeting, arranging local assignments, printing, copying, organizing, registering and numbering documents, and preparing meeting minutes, manage regular correspondence and emails, review and edit reports and documents;
  3. maintain the cash register of the PIU;
  4. procure office stationery, distribute to PIU staff, and monitor the proper use of office furniture and equipment;
  5. distribute PIU workplace supplies to other procurement units and monitor the proper use and maintenance of office furniture and equipment;
  6. announce bidding invitation and publish procurement services in newspapers, government, and other professional websites, ADB systems, and assist procurement professionals in drafting small service contracts;
  7. assist the financial officer in making payments and keeping records;
  8. support PIU specialists and consultants in organizing meetings, trainings and seminars through the preparation of relevant documents and materials, site selection, communication and organizational work;
  9. support other PIU staff in drafting documents and obtaining signatures and approvals from contractors, implementing agencies, ADB, the Ministry of Finance, and other relevant government agencies;
  10. prepare and translate documents for other project units, obtain approval and signatures from the Ministry of Education and Science, the Ministry of Finance, and other relevant agencies, and assist in operations;
  11. if necessary, translate documents from English to Mongolian and Mongolian to English; and
  12. assume other tasks as assigned by the project coordinator.

All interested candidates are encouraged to submit a cover letter (maximum two pages) supported with the detailed CV, copy of diplomas or certificates and a reference letter from at least the last employer. The application deadline is 30th December 2020. Only successful candidates shall be contacted and interviewed. Please submit the applications in person or via email to the below address.

Contact Address:

Name:  Enkhbayar B. Room-212, Ministry of Education and Science of Mongolia

Address: Government Building-III, Baga toiruu-44, Sukhbaatar district, Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia

Tel: +51 260726


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